Celebrating athletes who demonstrate determination, physical improvement, and heart for others.
These athletes set the example for our community. 


Moses Rico

Congratulations, Moses Rico, on being chosen as our male Athlete of the Quarter! Moses has been part of the AMROCK community since we opened in September 2016. He says the first week he tried CrossFit he was hooked and that “CrossFit AMROCK has become part of our family.” Moses, his wife Blanca, and their five children have absolutely become part of ours! Moses is upbeat and encouraging, and he always pushes himself to grow in strength, endurance and ability. One of Moses’s favorite quotes is, “Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't.” That determination in CrossFit has changed his life immensely, Moses says. Since starting, he has lost 50 lbs, completed a 10K run and a Spartan Sprint, and he is working on a Spartan Trifecta this summer. Moses’s other big goal for this year is to achieve a bar muscle-up. Thank you for all your encouragement you share with us, Moses!


Jill Magleby

Congratulations to AMROCK’s female Athlete of the QuarterJill Magleby! Jill started CrossFit in November of 2017 to help train for Spartan races. She says that she planned to do a few classes a week for cross-training, but soon fell in love with CrossFit and has made it part of her daily life! Jill is a great example to us at AMROCK of perseverance and not letting obstacles get in the way of giving it everything you’ve got. Jill is always improving and says that she strives to be better today than she was yesterday. In her free time, Jill enjoys the outdoors, Spartan racing, and spending time with her husband, Chris, and their son, Colter. Jill and her husband own Selective Cleaning & Restoration, Inc. and Selective Builders, LLC. Jill’s goal for 2019 is to improve conditioning and efficiency with the intent of going further and working quicker through WODs, as well as refining some of the higher skill gymnastics movements such as muscle-ups and handstands. Way to go, Jill!